Shih-Ting Chiu

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Three-party Password-based Authentication Key Exchange (3PAKE) allows a trusted server to assist two users to establish a common session key. Recently, Wu et al. pointed out that Chang et al.'s 3PAKE was vulnerable to the off-line guessing attack and proposed an improved 3PAKE to fix the problem. However, we found that Wu et al.'s protocol is still subject(More)
There was no existing scale in Mandarin Chinese to specifically measure QOL in old age. We aimed to validate a Chinese Taiwan version of the CASP-19 (control, autonomy, self-realization, pleasure), a QOL questionnaire, in Taiwan. The existing CASP-19 Cantonese version was modified into Chinese Taiwan version and pilot tested. Data were then gathered from(More)
Unlike traditional small molecule (chemical) drug products, the development of biologic products is very different and variable with respect to the manufacturing process and environmental factors such as light and temperature. The complexity and heterogeneity of the molecular structure, complicated manufacturing process, different analytical methods, and(More)
Introduction. The majority of patients with acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding (UGIB) are admitted for urgent endoscopy as it can be difficult to determine who can be safely managed as an outpatient. Our objective was to compare four clinical prediction scoring systems: Glasgow Blatchford Score (GBS) and Clinical Rockall, Adamopoulos, and Tammaro scores(More)
Current approaches to identifying differentially expressed genes are based either on the fold changes or on the traditional hypotheses of equality. However, the fold changes do not take into consideration the variation in estimation of the average expression. In addition, the use of fold changes is not in the frame of hypothesis testing, and hence the(More)
Left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) are increasingly common in patients with advanced heart failure. GI bleeding (GIB) occurs in 20–30 % of these patients and can arise anywhere in the GI tract. Given the high rates of GIB in this population, our aim was to determine the diagnostic yield of repeated endoscopic evaluation in these patients. We performed(More)
In 2014, there are a number of patents of best-selling biotech drugs around the world about to expire. Large commercial interests will inevitably set off international competition among major pharmaceutical companies. The European Union, the United States, and other countries with advanced medical techniques have paid a high degree of attention to(More)
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