Shih-Syun Lin

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A word cloud is a visual representation of a collection of text documents that uses various font sizes, colors, and spaces to arrange and depict significant words. The majority of previous studies on time-varying word clouds focuses on layout optimization and temporal trend visualization. However, they do not fully consider the spatial shapes and temporal(More)
Image retargeting is the process of adapting 1 images to fit displays with various aspect ratios and sizes. 2 Most studies on image retargeting focus on shape preservation, 3 but they do not fully consider the preservation of global and 4 local structure lines, which are sensitive to the human visual 5 system. In this paper, we preserve the shapes of both(More)
A novel content-aware warping approach is introduced for video retargeting. The key to this technique is adapting videos to fit displays with various aspect ratios and sizes while preserving both visually salient content and temporal coherence. Most previous studies solve this spatiotemporal problem by consistently resizing content in frames. This strategy(More)
Tourist and destination maps are thematic maps designed to represent specific themes in maps. The road network topologies in these maps are generally more important than the geometric accuracy of roads. A road network warping method is proposed to facilitate map generation and improve theme representation in maps. The basic idea is deforming a road network(More)
Medical and health data are collected and stored in various document types and databases including clinical treatment records, medical examinations, prognosis health information, health billing and claims, health surveys, and community health settings. Such huge amount, wide range, and unstructured dataset characteristics imply a big challenge for(More)
In this study, a novel classifier ensemble method named adaptive feature extraction (AdaFE) with reject region is proposed for hyperspectral image. This new concept is deduced from the concepts of reject region and feature extraction. The main idea is adaptive in the sense that subsequent feature spaces are tweaked in favor of those reject regions by(More)
Escher transmutation is a graphic art that smoothly transforms one tile pattern into another tile pattern with dual perception. A classic example is the artwork called Sky and Water, in which a compelling figure-ground arrangement is applied to portray the transmutation of a bird in sky and a fish in water. The shape of a bird is progressively deformed and(More)