Shih-Sheng Chang

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BACKGROUND Microendoscopic discectomy (MED) is less invasive than conventional open discectomy, but the long-term benefits of this technique are still debated. Controversy also remains regarding the surgical indications, patient selection, effectiveness, learning curve and complications. METHODS From Dec 2001 to Dec 2003, 26 patients with lumbar herniated(More)
AIMS Autophagy is a cellular homeostatic mechanism activated under stress conditions and might act as protective response for cell survival in ischemic kidney injury. The micro RNA (miRNA) network may be critically involved in the regulation of autophagy. The aim of this study was to evaluate whether miRNA regulates autophagy in ischemic kidney injury and(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to determine whether false lumen size predicts in-hospital complications for acute type B aortic dissection. BACKGROUND The incidence of complications developing in patients with acute type B aortic dissection has been high. However, methods for recognizing high-risk patients have not been well-studied. We used(More)
OBJECTIVE Amniotic fluid embolism syndrome is a fatal disease in pregnant women. The exact role of platelets and neutrophils in amniotic fluid embolism syndrome is not clear. We examined whether amniotic fluid could affect platelet-neutrophil aggregation and activation and the possible mechanisms. STUDY DESIGN Blood samples from the pregnant women were(More)
This study presents a novel wireless, ambulatory, real-time, and autoalarm intelligent telecardiology system to improve healthcare for cardiovascular disease, which is one of the most prevalent and costly health problems in the world. This system consists of a lightweight and power-saving wireless ECG device equipped with a built-in automatic warning expert(More)
Viscolin, a major active component in a chloroform extract of Viscum coloratum, has antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. We focused on its effects on the expression of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1) in tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α)-treated human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs). The TNF-α-induced expression of VCAM-1 was(More)
To compare the effect of graft fixation angle and tension in double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction on knee biomechanics. Fourteen cadaver knees were tested using a robotic system under two loadings: (1) an 89-N anterior tibial load (ATL) at full extension (FE), 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90°, and (2) combined 7 N m valgus and 5 N m(More)
Autophagy and autophagy-related proteins (ATGs) play decisive roles in osteoclast differentiation. Emerging lines of evidence show the deregulation of miRNA in autophagic responses. However, the role of hypoxia and involvement of miRNA in osteoclast differentiation are unclear. In the present study, we demonstrate that hypoxia caused induction of autophagy(More)
Platelet activation and its interaction with leukocytes play an important role in atherothrombosis. Cardiovascular diseases resulted from atherothrombosis remain the major causes of death worldwide. Gallic acid, a major constituent of red wine and tea, has been believed to have properties of cardiovascular protection, which is likely to be related to its(More)