Shih-Sheng Chang

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This study presents a novel wireless, ambulatory, real-time, and autoalarm intelligent telecardiology system to improve healthcare for cardiovascular disease, which is one of the most prevalent and costly health problems in the world. This system consists of a lightweight and power-saving wireless ECG device equipped with a built-in automatic warning expert(More)
Platelet activation and its interaction with leukocytes play an important role in atherothrombosis. Cardiovascular diseases resulted from atherothrombosis remain the major causes of death worldwide. Gallic acid, a major constituent of red wine and tea, has been believed to have properties of cardiovascular protection, which is likely to be related to its(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are commonly comorbid with depression and vice versa. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) have been suggested to mediate in CVDs and depression in cross-sectional and observational studies. With the patients of CVDs, we investigated the role of depression on the effect of PUFAs. METHODS Forty-four patients with(More)
When acquiring the Electrocardiogram (ECG) signal from the person, it should be preprocess before sending to the analyst for taking decision of the signal, because signal should be affected with various artifacts. For numerous applications of noise cancellation in the corrupted signals, adaptive filters play important role. The various artifacts which(More)
BACKGROUND Rotator cuff tears are very common and their incidence increases with age. Shoulder ultrasonography has recently gained popularity in detecting rotator cuff tears because of its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, time-saving, and real-time nature of the procedure. Well-trained orthopedic surgeons may utilize shoulder ultrasonography to diagnose(More)
BACKGROUND Position shifting from elbow arthroscopy to open surgery could complicate the surgical procedures; patient safety and risks of contamination are of concern. The aim of this study is to retrospectively assess the safety and efficacy of elbow arthroscopy in 32 elbows of 32 patients using a modified arm holder to facilitate subsequent open surgery(More)
BACKGROUND Association between cataract and the risk of ischemic heart disease (IHD) development is not completely clear. PURPOSE The primary aim of the study was to evaluate the association between cataract and the risk of incident IHD. The secondary aim was to investigate the subsequent IHD risk of patients with cataracts undergoing cataract surgery. (More)
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