Shih Quan Huang

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The purpose of a variable step-size normalized LMS filter is to solve the dilemma of fast convergence or low steady-state error associated with the fixed regularized NLMS. By employing the inverse of weighted square-error as the time-varying regularization parameter, we introduce a new regularization for NLMS algorithms. Extensive simulation results(More)
The features of a newly developed multi-dimension squeezed penetration piling machine are presented in this paper. The simulation model is built and the squeezing mechanism is tested under simulation environment. With the simulation method key design parameters are predicted at the early design stage; the development cycle can be shortened; and the product(More)
To achieve a valid effect of wireless mesh networks against selfish nodes and selfish behaviors in the packets forwarding, an approach named mixed MPS-BNS strategy is proposed in this paper. The proposed strategy is based on the Maximum Payoff Strategy (MPS) and the Best Neighbor Strategy (BNS). In this strategy, every node plays a packet forwarding game(More)
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