Shih-Ping Huang

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In this paper, we focus on multiobjective 0-1 programming problems under the situation where stochastic uncertainty and vagueness exist at the same time. We formulate them as fuzzy random multiobjective 0-1 programming problems where coefficients of objective functions are fuzzy random variables. For the formulated problem, we propose an interactive fuzzy(More)
Distance two domination has practical usage in resource sharing problem. 3,2,1 D -domination problem is a variable of distance two domination. For a graph   ,  G V E , let  D V . Assume that every vertex v in D can get resource completely and share partial resource with its neighbors and offer little resource to the vertices that are distance two from(More)
This paper addresses the problem of resource management in the presence of inter-carrier interference (ICI) and multipath fading channel for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems. OFDM is a promising technique for the broadband wireless communication systems. However, the OFDM communication system is sensitivity to the ICI which arises(More)
NTP is a protocol designed to synchronize the clocks of computers over a network. This paper will implement the NTP on an embedded system to serve as a server of the NTP Pool Project. The developed embedded system is based on the embedded Linux operating system. The benefits of utilization of the embedded Linux system rely on its lower power consumption,(More)
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