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—Takeya's item relational structure theory is a well-known ordering algorithm. However, its threshold limit value is a fixed value, lacking of statistical meaning, In this paper, the authors provide an improved threshold limit value by using the empirical distribution critical value of all the values of the relational structure indices between any two(More)
For any given test, the traditional item relational structure theory can be used for detecting the item relational structure of the students. However, we do not know whether each item of the test is efficient or not, for improving above-mentioned drawback, we can first use the Q-matrix theory to obtain a validate test with all items which are efficient. In(More)
—The well known fuzzy measures, λ-measure and P-measure, have only one formulaic solution. A multivalent fuzzy measure with infinitely many solutions based on P-measure was proposed by our previous work, called completed L-measure. In this paper, a further improved fuzzy measure, called extensional completed L-measure, is proposed. This new fuzzy measure is(More)
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