Shih-Ming Tseng

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The security of Internet routing is a major concern because attacks and errors can result in data packets not reaching their intended destination and/or falling into the wrong hands. A key step in improving routing security is to analyze and understand it. In the past, we and other researchers have presented various visual-based, statistical-based, and(More)
We have built a router testbed that is connected to the Deter/Emist experimental infrastructure. Our goal is to create a semi-realistic testbed to conduct BGP experiments, measure and visualize their impact on network performance and stability. Such testbed is also useful for evaluating different security countermeasures. Our testbed architecture includes(More)
On the inter-domain Internet today, the address prefix origin in our BGP operations has become a major security concern. This critical problem can be stated simply as “Is the originating Autonomous System (AS) authorized to advertise the destination address prefix?” In the long term maybe we will be able to prevent this problem by applying proposed(More)
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