Shih-Ming Lin

Yih-Jiuan Pan1
Yun-Tzu Huang1
1Yih-Jiuan Pan
1Yun-Tzu Huang
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OBJECTIVES To study effects of various concentrations of hydrogen peroxide on mature waterline biofilms and in controlling planktonic (free-floating) organisms in simulated dental treatment water systems; and to study in vitro the effects of 2%, 3%, and 7% hydrogen peroxide on the removal of mature biofilms and inorganic compounds in dental waterlines. (More)
H+-translocating pyrophosphatase (H+-PPase, EC plays an important role in acidifying vacuoles by transporting protons across membranes at the expense of pyrophosphate (PPi) hydrolysis. Vigna radiata H+-PPase (VrH+-PPase) contains 16 transmembrane helices (TMs). The hydrophobicity of TM3 is relatively lower than that of most other TMs, and the amino(More)
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