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The concept of batch verifying multiple RSA digital signatures is to find a method that multiple digital signatures can be verified simultaneously in only one exponential operation time. In this article, we proposed a new batch verifying multiple RSA digital signatures scheme. The main contribution of the proposed scheme is that it can easily discover where(More)
–A novel two-switch high-step-up isolated converter with voltage lift is proposed in this paper. The proposed isolated converter utilizes a transformer with low turn ratio to achieve high step-up gain. The secondary winding charges two boosting capacitors in parallel as switches during the switch-on period, and two boosting capacitors are discharged in(More)
The characteristics of aristolochic acid nephropathy (AAN) are interstitial fibrosis and atrophy of the proximal tubules, but with no change in glomeruli. To investigate the effects of AA on renal functions and the pharmacokinetics (PKs) of p-aminohippuric acid (PAH) and inulin, New Zealand white rabbits were used in this study. The plasma concentrations of(More)
BACKGROUND Collagen-like surface proteins Scl1 and Scl2 on Streptococcus pyogenes contain contiguous Gly-X-X triplet amino acid motifs, the characteristic structure of human collagen. Although the potential role of Scl1 in adhesion has been studied, the conclusions may be affected by the use of different S. pyogenes strains and their carriages of various(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined test-retest agreement and measurement errors for the Rivermead Mobility Index (RMI) and the Mobility subscale of the Stroke Rehabilitation Assessment of Movement (M-STREAM) in patients with chronic stroke and mild to moderate disability. The authors aimed to determine the level of agreement between test and retest as well as(More)
BACKGROUND The peroxisome is a single membrane-bound organelle in eukaryotic cells involved in lipid metabolism, including β-oxidation of fatty acids. The human genetic disorder X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD) is caused by mutations in the ABCD1 gene (encoding ALDP, a peroxisomal half ATP-binding cassette [ABC] transporter). This disease is(More)