Shih-Meng Teng

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In recent years, the need for object detection has significantly increased for multi-camera systems. However, the detection methods in such systems incur high computational cost, which leads to a major challenge in real-time applications. In this work, we propose a Scissor Algorithm for object detection using a multi-core CPU and a graphic processing unit(More)
In today's century , people are looking for faster and efficient communication for travelling from source to destination via facilities. As the human tendency always try to go from source to cover or attend some facilities and then reach to destination within a required time. This paper focus on algorithm for optimal route planning via facility (i. e(More)
Power consumption is an essentially important issue and an interesting challenge to prolong the lifetime of wireless sensor network (WSN). Sensors closer to a sink node have a larger forwarding traffic burden and consume more energy than nodes further away from the sink. The whole operational lifetime of WSN is deteriorated because of such an uneven node(More)
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