Shih-Lian T. Ou

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This paper presents a partitioning-based, timing-driven placementalgorithm. The partitioning step itself is timing-driven and basedon solving a quadratic programming problem iteratively. Theplacement algorithm does not rely on interleaved timingcalculations, which tend to be inaccurate. Instead, it achieves thedesired result by controlling the number of(More)
Zhi-Long-Huo-Xue-Tong-Yu (ZLHXTY) is a defined mixture of 5 herbs developed by Professor S.J. Yang according to the Buyang Huanwu decoction method, which has been recorded in the Yilingaicuo. This study investigated the renoprotective effects of ZLHXTY on mitochondrial dysfunction induced by diabetic kidney injury in a diabetic rat model. Diabetes was(More)
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