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—Although RF identification (RFID) technology has had a remarkable impact on various industries in recent years, designing RFID tags for metallic objects with satisfactory performance is still a challenge. So far, only few success stories have been reported in the steel industry. This paper presents the design and development of RFID labels for steel coils.(More)
This paper presents the development of a novel active visual measurement technique, laterally sampled white-light interferometry (L-SWLI), which is capable of real-time visual tracking of six-degree-of-freedom (6-DOF) rigid body motion with near-nanometer precision. The visual tracking system is integrated with a 6-DOF motion stage to realize an(More)
Although it has been widely known that the cutting process of electrical steel brings deterioration effects to magnetic properties, it is still unclear how to evaluate the quality of the cutting process effectively. This paper investigates the performance degradation due to the punching process based on a needle probe instrument that incorporates three(More)
In this paper, a technique that combines digital image correlation and wire electrical discharge machining for the measurement of the residual strain is presented. The significant potential benefits of this work include noncontact, high-speed, and online measurement. A ring-core-based groove in the surface of the specimen is cut to release the residual(More)
Gas permeability in a blast furnace is directly influenced by the burden profile, which is the result of the charging angle collocation. An obviously increment in both iron-making productivity and furnace campaign life will be observed in a high heat utilization furnace with uniform gas permeability. An online burden profile measuring device without gas(More)
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