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This paper describes a self-evolving interval type-2 fuzzy neural network (FNN) for various applications. As type-1 fuzzy systems cannot effectively handle uncertainties in information within the knowledge base, we propose a simple interval type-2 FNN, which uses interval type-2 fuzzy sets in the premise and the Takagi-Sugeno-Kang (TSK) type in the(More)
This paper describes a dynamic group-based differential evolution (GDE) algorithm for global optimization problems. The GDE algorithm provides a generalized evolution process based on two mutation operations to enhance search capability. Initially, all individuals in the population are grouped into a superior group and an inferior group based on their(More)
In this paper, we propose the adaptive least trimmed squares fuzzy neural network (ALTS-FNN), which applies the scale estimate to the least trimmed squares fuzzy neural network (LTS-FNN). The emphasis of this paper is particular on the robustness against the outliers and the choice of the trimming constant can be determined adaptively. Some numerical(More)
In this paper, the least trimmed sum of absolute deviations (LTA) estimator, frequently used in robust linear parametric regression problems, will be generalized to nonparametric least trimmed sum of absolute deviations-artificial neural network (LTA-ANN) for nonlinear regression problems. In linear parametric regression problems, the LTA estimator usually(More)
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