Shih-Hsun Lin

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Charge transfer and proton transfer in DNA have attracted wide attention due to their relevance in biological processes and so on. Especially, excess-electron transfer (EET) in DNA has strong relation to DNA repair. However, our understanding on EET in DNA still remains limited. Herein, by using a strongly electron-donating photosensitizer, trimer of(More)
Optical wavelength-division multiplexed (WDM) networks often include optical cross-connects with multigranularity switching capability, such as switching on a single lambda, a waveband, or an entire fiber basis. In addition, it has been shown that routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) in an arbitrary mesh WDM network is an NP-complete problem. In this(More)
316L-SS is one of the important materials both in orthopaedics and dentistry for bone screw/plate, intra-medullary rod, fixation wire, HIP joint, and knee joint. However, the biocompatibility and bone-bonding ability troubled researches for years. In the study, a simple chemical method was tried so as to establish and induce a bioactive HA layer on the(More)
Given its well-ordered continuous π stacking of nucleobases, DNA has been considered as a biomaterial for charge transfer in biosensors. For cathodic photocurrent generation resulting from hole transfer in DNA, sensitivity to DNA structure and base-pair stacking has been confirmed. However, such information has not been provided for anodic photocurrent(More)
Today e-learning is not impossible, and it becomes a generation of next education technology. Now e-learning has two directions of developing: the one is the construction of Learning Management System (LMS); and the other is the developing reusable content. Our studies focus on the developing content. Now the medical image information system of hospital(More)
This paper presents the results of an investigation into the sequence-dependent excess-electron transfer (EET) dynamics in DNA, which plays an important role in DNA damage/repair. There are many published studies on EET in consecutive adenine:thymine (A:T) sequences (Tn), but those in alternating A:T sequences (ATn) remain limited. Here, two series of(More)
The dynamics of excess-electron transfer in DNA has attracted the attention of scientists from all kinds of research fields because of its importance in biological processes. To date, several studies on excess-electron transfer in consecutive adenine (A):thymine (T) sequences in donor-DNA-acceptor systems have been published. However, the reported(More)
Charge transfer in DNA has attracted great attention of scientists because of its importance in biological processes. However, our knowledge on excess-electron transfer in DNA still remains limited in comparison to numerous studies of hole transfer in DNA. To clarify the dynamics of excess-electron transfer in DNA by photochemical techniques, new(More)
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