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In MANETs querying routes by blind flooding often incurs redundancy, contention, and collision. These phenomena are known as the broadcast storm problem, which will degrade the network performance. To alleviate the broadcast storm problem, we propose a controlled flooding mechanism, called zone-based controlled flooding (ZCF), to improve the efficiency of(More)
Recently, cluster computing has successfully provided a cost-effective solution for data-intensive applications. In order to make the programming on clusters easy, many programming toolkits such as MPICH, PVM, and DSM have been proposed in past researches. However, these programming toolkits are not easy enough for common users to develop parallel(More)
Protein motifs, which are specific regions and conserved regions, are found by comparing multiple protein sequences. These conserved regions in general play an important role in protein functions and protein folds, for example, for their binding properties or enzymatic activities. The aim here is to find the existence correlations of protein motifs. The(More)
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