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In this Paper, we focus on a class of LDPC codes known as Euclidean Geometric (EG) LDPC codes, which are constructed deterministically using the points and lines of a Euclidean geometry. Minimum distances for EG codes are also reasonably good and can be derived analytically. memory error correction code has been implemented using pipelined cyclic corrector(More)
Error Correction Codes (ECCs) are commonly used to protect memories from soft errors. As technology scales, Multiple Cell Upsets (MCUs) becomemore common and affect a larger number of cells. An option to protect memories against MCUs is to use advanced ECCs that can correct more than one error per word. In this area, the use of one step majority logic(More)
Soft errors are becoming an increasingly important issue for circuit reliability. Traditional techniques to protect against soft errors, like triple modular redundancy (TMR), have a large cost in terms of area and power. This has motivated the development of specific protection techniques for various types of circuits. In this paper, techniques to protect(More)
Modified decoding algorithms for DS codes are proposed that, in addition to error correction, provide error detection when the number of correctable bit errors is exceeded by one. This combined error detection and correction capability of the modified decoder are provide to prevent soft errors from causing data corruption, memories are typically protected(More)
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