Shih-Feng Wang

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BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Patients with prior stroke (PS) undergoing chronic dialysis are at a high risk of mortality. However, little is known about the cumulative risk and survival rate of dialysis patients with long-term follow up. The aim of this study was to assess risks for mortality between patients with and without PS undergoing chronic haemodialysis(More)
Time-frequency analysis is one of the most important and commonly used analytical tools for evaluating physiological signals. In the past, many researchers investigated the effect of meditation on stress relief and disease improvement. In this research, we select 10 normal adults as the subjects, and divided them into two groups: more than 10 years of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether emotional stability distinguishes how experienced and novice meditators react to visual stimuli. DESIGN PARTICIPANTS practiced concentrative meditation and then responded to visual stimuli while continuing to meditate. PARTICIPANTS Ten experienced and 10 novice meditators responded to sequences of visual stimuli after(More)
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