Shih-Chieh Lin

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Local field potentials (LFPs) are commonly thought to reflect the aggregate dynamics in local neural circuits around recording electrodes. However, we show that when LFPs are recorded in awake behaving animals against a distal reference on the skull as commonly practiced, LFPs are significantly contaminated by non-local and non-neural sources arising from(More)
In this study, non-uniform interpolation method was adopted to reconstruct license plate image from a series of low resolution vehicle license plate images. Several image registration methods which were used to estimate the position and orientation differences between these low resolution images are tested in this study. It was found that the Fourier method(More)
Children really enjoy painting. Painting is not only full of fun but also beneficial for children to further develop their physical skills (e.g., hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills), express their creativity, boost their self-confidence, etc. On the other hand, storytelling is also a joyful and educational activity for(More)
Recently, a number of applications of automatic facial expression recognition systems havesurfaced in many different research fields. The automatic facial expression recognition problem is a very challenging problem because it involves in three sub-problems: 1) face detection, 2) facial expression feature extraction, and 3) expression classification. This(More)
The object of this study is to develop a more reliable and faster visual inspection system for printed circuit board inspection. In order to reach this goal, the inspection process was divided into two stages, namely, screening stage and classification stage. In the first stage, only one image feature is abstracted from the examined image and is used as a(More)
In this study, effects of image alignment error on vehicle license image reconstruction using the non-uniform interpolation method were studied. It is expected that the increase in measurement error will degrade the reconstructed image. Several image registration methods which were used to estimate the position and orientation differences between low(More)
Here, we report the mechanisms of chiral transfer at various length scales in the self-assembly of enantiomeric chiral block copolymers (BCPs*). We show the evolution of homochirality from molecular chirality into phase chirality in the self-assembly of the BCPs*. The chirality of the molecule in the BCP* is identified from circular dichroism (CD) spectra,(More)