Shih-Chang Huang

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This paper proposes three energy efficient scheduling approaches for 802.16e broadband wireless networks. Instead of considering a single Mobile Subscriber Station (MSS) as most of the current researchers do, multiple MSSs are considered in our work. The constant bit rate traffic with QoS delay constraint is considered in this paper. The proposed approaches(More)
We propose a novel data collection architecture, called Ring-based Information Collection Architecture (RICA), for sensor networks. In the RICA scheme, sensors are organised into a ring. According to our study, the transmission delay time of data collection in a ring is only a half of that in PEGASIS, in which sensors are organised into a chain. We present(More)
Many single-hop power management mechanisms have been proposed in previous studies. Compared to the multi-hop power management mechanisms, the design of the single-hop power management mechanism in a wireless network is relatively simple. However, existing methods are difficult to balance the transmission utilization and energy efficiency. This paper(More)
In recent years, wireless charging technology has provided an alternative to charging equipment. Wireless charging technology has already proved to be useful in our daily lives in phones, buses, restaurants, etc. Wireless charging technology can also be applied in energy-bounded wireless sensor networks (WSNs), and these are called wireless rechargeable(More)