Shih-Chang Huang

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This paper proposes three energy efficient scheduling approaches for 802.16e broadband wireless networks. Instead of considering a single Mobile Subscriber Station (MSS) as most of the current researchers do, multiple MSSs are considered in our work. The constant bit rate traffic with QoS delay constraint is considered in this paper. The proposed approaches(More)
This paper presents two energy-aware, load balanced routing schemes, called as maximum capacity path (MCP) scheme and MCP with path switching (MCP-PS) scheme, for sensor networks. In the MCP scheme, the sensor network is constructed into a layered network at first. Based on the layered network, every sensor node selects a shortest path with maximum capacity(More)
We propose a novel data collection architecture, called Ring-based Information Collection Architecture (RICA), for sensor networks. In the RICA scheme, sensors are organised into a ring. According to our study, the transmission delay time of data collection in a ring is only a half of that in PEGASIS, in which sensors are organised into a chain. We present(More)
Current deterministic sensor deploying methods always include the uncovered space greedily to reduce the number of deployed sensors. Because the sensing area of each sensor is circle-like, these greedily methods often divide the region of interest to multiple tiny and scattered regions. Therefore, many additional sensors are deployed to cover these(More)
The wireless sensor networks are applied to farmland for achieving unmanned agriculture and improving the grain production. The primary task is collecting the data of the deployed sensors using a mobile sink. This paper proposes a virtual-grid method to determine the visiting locations of the mobile sink in a farmland. The virtual grids with higher scores(More)
In this paper, we proposed a long-life, shortest path routing method for interval-vehicle communication. Firstly, we form the inter-vehicle network into the layered network to construct the shortest path. Next, we deduce the link with maximal lifetime between two directly linked vehicles according to their velocities and moving directions. Furthermore, the(More)
BACKGROUND An increasing number of health service sectors have begun to implement relationship marketing to try to establish long-term relationship with customers. PURPOSE Customer relational benefit has been an important subject for relationship marketing researchers. This study was conducted to investigate how customer relational benefit might influence(More)