Shigeyuki Tomita

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BACKGROUND Autologous bone marrow cells (BMCs) transplanted into ventricular scar tissue may differentiate into cardiomyocytes and restore myocardial function. This study evaluated cardiomyogenic differentiation of BMCs, their survival in myocardial scar tissue, and the effect of the implanted cells on heart function. METHODS AND RESULTS IN VITRO(More)
BACKGROUND Fetal ventricular cardiomyocyte transplantation into a cardiac scar improved ventricular function, but these cells were eventually eliminated by rejection. We therefore examined the feasibility of autologous adult heart cell transplantation. METHODS A transmural scar was produced in the left ventricular free wall of adult rats by cryoinjury.(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the effect of heart cell transplantation into the dilated cardiomyopathic myocardium. This study was designed to evaluate the effect of heart cell transplantation into dilated cardiomyopathic hamsters. METHODS AND RESULTS Ventricular heart cells were isolated from 4-week-old BIO 53. 58 hamsters and cultured for 2 weeks(More)
BACKGROUND Total arterial revascularization in coronary artery bypass grafting has recently become of great interest to many surgeons. At the same time, off-pump coronary bypass grafting has also become a popular procedure because of its low morbidity and mortality. Here we report our recent series of off-pump coronary bypass grafting performed with a(More)
BACKGROUND Recently skeletonization has been recognized as an alternative to pedicle harvesting of the internal thoracic artery as a technique that increases the length and caliber size of the graft compared with pedicled internal thoracic artery grafts; however, this is not yet popular for harvesting the gastroepiploic artery (GEA). We report here our(More)
Many real problems with uncertainties may often be formulated as Stochastic Programming Problem. In this study, Genetic Algorithm (GA) which has been recently used for solving mathematical programming problem is expanded for use in uncertain environments. The modified GA is referred as GA in uncertain environments (GAUCE). In the method, the objective(More)
BACKGROUND We report our initial experience with an automatic anastomotic device using skeletonized radial artery in patients requiring off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). METHODS St. Jude Medical, Inc, Symmetry Bypass System (aortic connector system [ACS]) (St Jude Medical, St. Paul, MN) was used in ten patients. Ten consecutive patients who(More)
OBJECTIVE Fetal cardiomyocyte transplantation improved heart function after cardiac injury. However, cellular allografts were rejected despite cyclosporine (INN: ciclosporin) therapy. We therefore evaluated autologous heart cell transplantation in an adult swine model of a myocardial infarction. METHODS In 16 adult swine a myocardial infarction was(More)
OBJECTIVE We have previously reported that fetal cardiomyocyte transplantation into myocardial scar improves heart function. The mechanism by which this occurs, however, has not been elucidated. To investigate possible mechanisms by which cell transplantation may improve heart function, we compared cardiac function after transplantation of 3 different fetal(More)