Shigeyuki Miyagi

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The feedback-type active noise control (ANC) system uses only one microphone to provide necessary signals for adjusting the adaptive lter. Due to the complicated nature of the whole adaptive lter structure there have been no theoretical results about its convergence properties. In this paper, rst a stationary point of the adaptive lter using the ltered-X(More)
Convergence analysis of alias-free subband adaptive filters (SADFs) is presented based on a frequency-domain technique where instead of analyzing the adaptive algorithms in the time-domain, the averaging method and the ordinary differential equation (ODE) method are applied to the frequency-domain expressions of the adaptive algorithms converted by the(More)
This paper describes two properties of the filteredreference/filtered-error least-mean-square (LMS) algorithm proposed by Sujbert. First, by using the averaging method, the stability condition of the algorithm is investigated, which is affected by the compensating filter being inserted into both the input signal path and the error signal path. Second, the(More)
The single minor component extraction algorithm proposed by Douglas et al. is extended to a multiple minor components extraction algorithm by combining the deflation technique and the Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization. The second order analysis for the multiple case is presented by applying the averaging method or the ordinary differential equation (ODE)(More)
Two topics associated with a delayless subband adaptive filter using the Hadamard transform are treated. One is to improve convergence speed and the other is to consider another aspect of subband adaptive filtering. Instead of LMS type algorithms which are often used in many applications, a projection method is employed as an adaptive algorithm to(More)
This paper presents an extension of the isotropic long-correlation (LC) image model named “narrow band” LC model. Normarlly, the isotropic or the anisotropic LC model whose single spectral peak position is located at the origin is used as an image model. These models are not suitable to describe random images with periodicity. The spectral(More)
The hybrid active noise control (ANC) system consists of the combination of feedforward and feedback type ANCs. The filtered-X LMS algorithm is used to adapt the controllers.. The averaging method is applied to the hybrid ANC system with the frequency domain expression to derive a stationary point of the adaptive algorithm. Then, it is found that though the(More)