Shigeyuki Gono

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Patients with left unilateral spatial neglect following lesions that mainly involved the right parietal lobe performed a line extension task, extending a horizontal line leftward to double its original length. We examined line extension performances in the left and right hemispaces, as well as in the midline, to assess whether spatial conditions affected(More)
We investigated the ability of 25 patients with left unilateral spatial neglect to make a clock face by putting numbers inside a printed circle. Impairment seen in this clock-drawing test did not parallel neglect severity as judged by results of the line-cancellation and line-bisection tests, as well as the copying of a daisy. The score for clock drawing(More)
We examined 8 patients with moderate to severe left unilateral spatial neglect by means of a series of line cancellation tasks. We asked the patients to cross out lines in the 1st trial, to number lines in the 2nd trial, and again to cross out lines in the 3rd trial. In the 2nd trial with numbering, all the patients showed improvement of left unilateral(More)
We examined the eye-fixation pattern of a patient with severe left unilateral spatial neglect who showed leftward searches of various extent in more than half of line bisection trials. Because of complete left homonymous hemianopia, he perceived only the segment of the line between its right endpoint and the point of the leftmost fixation. In the trials(More)
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