Shigeyoshi Hiratsuka

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We discuss a smart navigation system by route planning which makes active use of spatial semantics. The central concept of the system is coordination of lightweight components as services, such as business process modeling. Our proposed navigation system consists of three main components: a route planner, an object repository, and a space functionality(More)
“Virtual Aqua Museum (VAM)” is being developed by our group. We are going to reproduce an Aqua Museum in a computer (virtual space) by using computer graphic techniques. The key technique in VAM is to simulate realistic behaviors of fish agents in a complex virtual environment. In this paper, we propose a potential field based method for(More)
CONSORTS (Architecture for COgNitive reSOurce management with physically-gRounding agents) is a new kind of agent architecture for Ubiquitous computing, which is designed to realize mass-user support in addition to conventional personal assistance. The key concepts in Consorts are "physically-grounding" and "cognitive resources”. By using sensory(More)
This paper mainly discusses the stable gesture classification criteria, which can identify several human motions from a sequence of images with the eigen space method. We have already proposed the gesture classification technique with the silhouette images and the PCA method, which includes the difficulty in the correspondence between two sets of eigen(More)
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