Shigetoshi Nara

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Chaotic dynamics introduced in a recurrent neural network model is applied to controlling an object to track a moving target in two-dimensional space, which is set as an ill-posed problem. The motion increments of the object are determined by a group of motion functions calculated in real time with firing states of the neurons in the network. Several cyclic(More)
In this paper we propose the two methods to reproduce given binary pattern dynamics with cellular automata. The point is that one can easily find a sequence of rules or specified rules in two-state multineighbors cellular automata, which enable an errorless description and reproduction of given multiple sequences of binary patterns. Actual examples using(More)
In this paper, the delay time characteristics of the meander lines were investigated. Especially, the meander lines that the grounded shielding conductors were inserted between the lines in the parallel section of them were proposed. As a result, it was clarified that the grounded shielding conductors were effective to improve the frequency characteristics(More)
We propose neural network model that demonstrates the phenomenon of signal transfer between separated neuron groups via other chaotic neurons that show no apparent correlations with the input signal. The model is a recurrent neural network in which it is supposed that synchronous behavior between small groups of input and output neurons has been learned as(More)
We propose a quasi-layered recurrent neural network consisting of sensing neurons (upper layer) and driving neurons (lower layer). In both layers, chaotic dynamics are used where, in sensing neurons, sensitive response to external input is utilized, whereas in driving neurons, complex dynamics is utilized to generate complex motions. These two properties(More)
In order to match the timing between two or more signals, many meander lines which can intentionally make delay time using zigzag trace, have often been used. In this paper, in order to improve the delay time characteristics of the meander lines, multilayered shielded meander lines which use the ground layer as a shielding conductor, and multilayered(More)