Shigetoshi Akasaka

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In trees, leaf life span is closely related to successional status. Although leaves are attached to shoots, shoot life span has been insufficiently studied in the context of ecological systems. Interspecific variation in shoot survivorship was investigated over 27 months in 15 temperate hardwood tree species. Relationships between shoot architecture and(More)
To evaluate the extent to which landslides affect community dynamics and consequent species diversity in a beech-dominated forest, differences in the composition and size structure of tree species were compared between landslide and adjacent stable (control) stands. Demography and changes in size were compared between the two stands over a 5-year period(More)
s of Journal of Japanese Forestry Society (The paper of this Journal is written in Japanese with English abstract) Articles Vol. 82 No.4 2000 J. Jpn. For. Soc. 82(4): 333-341 (2000) Systematic Positions of Japanese Firs in Genus Abies (Pinaceae) Revealed Using DNA Sequencing of Chloroplast Spacer Regions and Random Amplified Polymorphic DNAs (RAPDs) of(More)
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