Shigeto Yamagata

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The aim of this study was to investigate the differences between the clinicopathological findings in two histologic types of carcinoma of the papilla of Vater. We histologically classified carcinoma of the papilla into two types: 1) an intestinal type that resembles tubular adenocarcinoma of the stomach or colon, and 2) a pancreaticobiliary type that is(More)
Increase of Skp-2, which is involved in the degradation of cell cycle regulators including p27Kip1, p21 and c-myc, is one of the important mechanisms for dysregulation of cell cycles in various cancers. We applied RNA interference (RNAi) for Skp-2 by using HIV-lentiviral or adenoviral vectors for a human small-cell lung carcinoma cell line with increased(More)
For clarification of the functions of gangliosides on tumor metastasis, examination was made of the ganglioside patterns of poorly metastatic FBJ-S1 and highly metastatic FBJ-LL cells. FBJ-S1 cells expressed GM3 and GD1a, whereas FBJ-LL cells expressed GM3 and slightly expressed GD1a. The capacity for FBJ-LL cells to migrate was ten times that of FBJ-S1(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In the treatment of carotid atherosclerosis, the rate of stenosis and characteristics of plaque should be assessed to diagnose vulnerable plaques that increase the risk for cerebral infarction. We performed carotid black-blood (BB) MR imaging to diagnose plaque components and assess plaque hardness based on MR signals. MATERIALS AND(More)
Blood compatibility has been studied for hydrophilic polymers such as poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA), its derivative, and polyethylene grafted with water-soluble monomers. The surfaces in contact with electrolyte solutions have been characterized by measuring the zeta potentials. The study of plasma protein adsorption on these polymers has revealed that bovine(More)
Estrogen-producing activity of common epithelial tumors (54 cases) and metastatic tumors (4 cases) of the ovary was clinically and endocrinologically studied in postmenopausal patients. High serum concentrations of E1 (greater than or equal to 50 pg/ml) and E2 (greater than or equal to 30 pg/ml) were demonstrated in 78% in the group of postmenopausal(More)
Profiles of gelatinase released during 4 h incubation of explants from human carcinoma tissues (15 gastric and 15 colorectal carcinomas) in serum-free RPMI 1640 medium were compared with those of corresponding normal tissue specimens obtained 2 and 10 cm apart from tumor periphery. All the culture supernatants of both tumor and normal tissues contained(More)