Shigetaka Kotera

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AIMS To isolate and characterize novel bacteriophages infecting the phytopathogen, Ralstonia solanacearum, and to evaluate them as resources with potential uses in the biocontrol of bacterial wilt. METHODS AND RESULTS Fourteen phages infecting R. solanacearum were isolated from soil samples collected in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The phages showed different(More)
A testicular choriocarcinoma cell line designated JHTK-1 was established in vitro from a mixed germ cell tumor xenografted into nude mice, and may prove to be the first human choriocarcinoma cell line of testicular origin in long-term culture. The cells have been kept in culture for three years and produce human chorionic gonadotropin persistently. The(More)
This report analyzes the intervals between births which might be affected by interrupted lactation due to the loss of young in a group of semi-wild Japanese monkeys. Of a total of 168 births whose days of interbirth interval are countable, births with an approximate one-year's interval numbered 53 cases (31.5%) and those with a roughly two-year's interval(More)
The temporo-frontal is regarded as the more common type among macaques. For instance, Collins (1925) reported the incidence of 88.7 per cent of this type among 210 skulls of macaques. We observed, however, upon examination of skulls of crab-eating macaques (Macaca irus), collected by the Japan Monkey Centre, that the frequency of the temporo-frontal type(More)