Shigeru Yasuda

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Neuroprotective properties of the mood stabilizer valproic acid (VPA) are implicated in its therapeutic efficacy. Heat-shock protein 70 (HSP70) is a molecular chaperone, neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory agent. This study aimed to investigate underlying mechanisms and functional significance of HSP70 induction by VPA in rat cortical neurons. VPA(More)
We evaluated blood flow and oxygen metabolism in a patient with Lhermitte–Duclos disease using brain positron emission tomography. The lesion showed increased blood flow, reduced oxygen extraction fraction and normal metabolic rates of oxygen. These findings suggest that lesions of Lhermitte–Duclos disease may constitute hamartoma or hypertrophy rather than(More)
We report herein the case of a 23-year-old man with Crohn's disease who was found to have a perforated small bowel following blunt abdominal trauma sustained in a traffic accident. The general findings of diffuse peritonitis were identified by physical examination, and a plain X-ray film showed free air in the abdominal cavity. An emergency laparotomy was(More)
Stercoraceous perforation of the sigmoid colon has rarely been reported in the literature. This lesion is assumed to be produced by the pressure from a hard scybalum resulting in a perforated ulcer with necrotic edges. Two cases of stercoraceous perforation of the sigmoid colon are presented in this paper. It is difficult to diagnose this lesion(More)
The syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone (SIADH) is commonly observed in patients with bronchogenic carcinoma. We report here a rare case of SIADH induced by rectal cancer. Laboratory findings showed that the serum sodium concentration and serum osmolarity were low, and that the ADH level was high. Resection of the rectal cancer(More)
It has been reported that Tc-99m ethyl cysteinate dimer (ECD) SPECT imaging may not show reperfusion hyperemia in patients with subacute stroke. The authors describe a patient with embolic middle cerebral artery occlusion who was examined using xenon-133 and dynamic and standard Tc-99m ECD SPECT immediately after early recanalization. Standard Tc-99m ECD(More)
A 56-year-old male who had received total thymectomy for treatment of myasthenia gravis was scheduled for sigmoidectomy under general anesthesia. Since his symptoms had become worse after the thymectomy along with increased anti-acetylcholine receptor antibody titer, preoperatively we could not estimate his sensitivity to non-depolarizing muscle relaxants.(More)
Lesions in acute herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE) have been reported to show decreased uptake of Tc-99m ethyl cysteinate dimer (ECD). A patient with acute HSE displaying a lesion in the left temporal lobe was evaluated by means of Tc-99m ECD single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT). Dynamic SPECT images indicated regionally increased uptake of(More)
BACKGROUND Objective structured clinical examination: OSCE is now widely used in educational scene in medical schools before medical students start their clinical training. However, the utility of OSCE on BLS education has not been confirmed yet. The effect of OSCE on BLS education was examined using questionnaires. METHODS Questionnaires on knowledge of(More)