Shigeru Suga

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Although MV infection causes lymphopenia and degradation of cell-mediated immunity, the mechanisms are poorly known. MV interacts with cellular receptors which mediate virus binding and uptake and(More)
Fusion regulatory proteins (FRPs) are newly defined cell surface molecules that enhance and/or induce virus-mediated cell fusion. Anti-FRP-1 Abs reacted with all of the established cells derived from(More)
Fusion regulatory protein (FRP)-1 regulates virus-mediated cell fusion and fusion of monocytes. Eleven of fifteen N-terminal amino acids of FRP-1 were the same as the amino acid sequence of 4F2/CD98(More)
Pneumococcal infection in children is a major public health problem worldwide, including in Japan. The pneumococcal conjugate vaccine 7 (PCV7) was licensed for use in Japan in 2010 followed by PCV13(More)