Shigeru Shinozuka

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An oral loading of lysine (100 mg of lysine-HCL/kg was performed in two patients, 18-and 23-yr-old, with a variant form of citrullinemia. Serum citrulline levels were approximately 10 times higher than control level and lysine levels were within the normal range, in contrast to the classical form of the disease in which serum citrulline is approximately 100(More)
A patient presenting with severe metabolic acidosis accompanied by hyperglycinemia, hyperuricemia, hypoglycemia and hyperammonemia is described. Metabolic acidosis was found to be due to accumulated methylmalonic acid and did not respond to vitamin B12 administration. The patient showed favorable growth and development when kept on a low isoleucine,(More)
Two patients with phenylketonuria detected by newborn screening for inborn errors of metabolism were treated with low phenylanine formulae. Serum phenylalanine levels were well controlled, but serum glycine levels were elevated until 4 or 5 months of age. This was probable due to the high content of glycine in the formulae. Glycine level returned to be(More)
We investigated whether the aged oocytes maintain the ability to fuse with spermatozoa when the oocyte investment is removed. In the first study, 87 two-days-old oocytes provided from IVF-ET programme were treated with pronase to dissolve the zona pellucida. The oocytes were then inseminated with 100, 10 or 1 per microliters sperm and the incidence of(More)
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