Shigeru Sakaguchi

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This is a report of a 63-year-old Japanese woman with a nonfunctioning islet cell carcinoma of the pancreas presenting bleeding gastric varices and splenomegaly. These manifestations are extremely rare in patients with nonfunctioning islet cell tumor. The tumor originated in the tail of the pancreas and grew mainly within the spleen. The gastric varices due(More)
The initial temperature of a heat conductor is zero and its boundary temperature is kept equal to one at each time. The conductor contains a stationary isothermic surface, that is, an invariant spatial level surface of the temperature. In a previous paper, we proved that, if the conductor is bounded, then it must be a ball. Here, we prove that the boundary(More)
We consider nonlinear diffusion of some substance in a container (not necessarily bounded) with bounded boundary of class C2. Suppose that, initially, the container is empty and, at all times, the substance at its boundary is kept at density 1. We show that, if the container contains a proper C2-subdomain on whose boundary the substance has constant density(More)
We consider an entire graph S of a continuous real function over R N−1 with N ≥ 3. Let Ω be a domain in RN with S as a boundary. Consider in Ω the heat flow with initial temperature 0 and boundary temperature 1. The problem we consider is to characterize S in such a way that there exists a stationary isothermic surface in Ω. We show that S must be a(More)
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