Shigeru Komatsu

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We have studied the correlations between computed tomograms (CT), clinical severity at the time of onset, and subsequent development of cerebral infarction due to vasospasm in 32 cases with subarachnoid haemorrhage secondary to rupture of cerebral aneurysms. It was found that the clinical severity could be judged by CT as shown by the amount of blood in(More)
A case of medulloblastoma with pulmonary metastasis was reported. The patient was a 9-year old female who was diagnosed as cerebellar medulloblastoma and treated by total removal of the tumor with adjuvant radiotherapy. The recurrence occurred and the expired 4 months after surgery. The entire clinical course was 2 1/2 years. Autopsy revealed a secondary(More)
INTRODUCTION Hochuekkito, a traditional herbal medicine, is occasionally prescribed in Japan to treat patients with a poor general condition. We aimed to examine whether this medicine was beneficial and tolerable for patients with progressed pulmonary Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) disease. METHODS This pilot open-label quasi-randomized controlled(More)
(CFS) subjects have greater drug sensitivity and " allergy " than the rest of the population. This perception was tested by assessing the symptoms associated with medication use in a group stratified by CFS status and gender. Methods: 194 subjects answered a binary (yes-no) questionnaire (Simon GE et al, 1993) to determine if " medications " (not further(More)
A case of traumatic anterior dislocation of C4 is presented. A 65-year-old man who was beastly drunken fell down backward and severely struck occipital region against the door and immediately developed tetraplegia. Neurological examination 12 hours after the trauma revealed complete flaccid tetraplegia, abdominal respiration, bladder-bowel disturbance,(More)
The differences between initial bleeding and rebleeding due to ruptured intracranial aneurysm was investigated by CT. The study included 120 cases of ruptured cerebral aneurysm; 71 cases had only one bleeding and 49 cases had rebleeding. All the cases underwent CT examinations within 2 weeks following bleeding. Subarachnoid hemorrhages were classified into(More)
To ascertain the mechanism of action of estrogen administered by a new embolization method, developed by the authors as a treatment method for dural arteriovenous malformations, conjugated estrogens were injected into the mesenteric artery of rabbits, and microcirculatory changes in the dominant areas were studied biomicroscopically. Conjugated estrogen(More)