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OBJECTIVE To determine the efficacy of a high-dose steroid regimen for patients with sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) and to evaluate the relationship between outcome and initial steroid dose. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING We conducted a retrospective study of 112 patients presenting to Saitama Medical Center. Patients received tapering courses of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to determine the length and diameter of the horizontal portion of the petrous carotid artery (HPCA) and to evaluate sex and age differences in these variables. METHODS We examined standard axial sinus computed tomographic images in 345 patients (690 sides), measuring length and diameter of the HPCA and the angle between right(More)
PURPOSE To ascertain the location of the facial nerve in patients with microtia by using thin-section computed tomography (CT). MATERIALS AND METHODS Thin-section CT was performed in 66 ears of patients with microtia (unilateral, n = 12; bilateral, n = 34) and mandibulofacial dysostosis (MFD, n = 20). Findings were compared with those in 22 ears with(More)
The external nasal dilator Breathe Right is a nonprescription disposable mechanical device worn over the bridge of the nose that supports the outer walls of the nasal vestibule to increase cross-sectional nasal valve area and enhance air flow through the nose. When worn, the device applies a gentle outward pull to the outside walls of the nasal vestibule(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the diameters of the bony nasolacrimal canal and to evaluate how they are affected by sex and age. METHODS Standard axial sinus computed tomographic images of 314 patients were assessed retrospectively; the anteroposterior and transverse diameters, the sectional area of the bony nasolacrimal canal at the level of the infraorbital(More)
OBJECTIVE To document a patient with periodic alternating nystagmus (PAN) caused by acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) and suggest a mechanism to explain her PAN. PATIENT A 34-year-old woman with PAN caused by ADEM. INTERVENTION Diagnostic. RESULTS The patient complained of severe disequilibrium from the disease onset. Four years after onset,(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the clinical course and treatment of a patient presenting with thrombophlebitis of the head and the neck with eosinophilic otitis media (EOM). PATIENT The patient was a 32-year-old woman with bronchial asthma and chronic sinusitis. She was treated for EOM, which presented as intractable otitis media with viscous effusion.(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to investigate the existence of any relationship between the initial or total prednisolone dose and the degree of facial nerve recovery in patients with complete idiopathic facial nerve palsy (Bell's palsy). MATERIALS AND METHODS This study was carried out on 102 patients with unilateral complete Bell's palsy of no(More)