Shigeru Katayama

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BACKGROUND Food protein-derived peptides with antioxidant activity have great potential for use as natural antioxidants in food products. However, neither the structure-activity relationship nor the antioxidant mechanism of peptides is fully understood. Egg yolk phosvitin has been acknowledged to have strongly antioxidant protein owing to its highly(More)
Previously pleiotrophin (PTN) was identified among proteins secreted by Swiss 3T3 cells as a mitogen for cultured adult rat hepatocytes. The present study showed that the growth of rat hepatocytes was enhanced when cultured with rat hepatic stellate cells (HSCs). HSCs expressed PTN mRNA and secreted its protein in the co-cultures. Recombinant PTN enhanced(More)
Apple polyphenol extract (AP) and procyanidin contained in AP were investigated for their immunomodulatory effects using THP-1-derived human dendritic cells (TDDCs). The expression levels of HLA-DR (MHC class II) and CD86 (costimulatory molecule) were measured as an indicator of antigen presentation in TDDCs. A significant decrease in HLA-DR expression was(More)
The protective effects of amino acids against H 2O 2-induced oxidative stress were investigated in an in vitro assay using human intestinal epithelial cells. Caco-2 cells were pretreated with amino acids (1, 2, and 5 mM) for 2 h and then stimulated with 1 mM H 2O 2 for 6 h. The secretion of IL-8, a proinflammatory mediator, was determined by ELISA as an(More)
The protective effects of hen egg yolk phosvitin phosphopeptides (PPPs) against hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-induced oxidative stress were evaluated in an in vitro assay using human intestinal epithelial cells. Caco-2 cells were stimulated with 1 mM H2O2 for 6 h, and the secretion of IL-8, a proinflammatory mediator, was determined by ELISA as a biomarker of(More)
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia and is characterized by the progressive accumulation of amyloid β protein (Aβ) in areas of the brain. There has been an increased interest in screening for food-grade anti-amyloidogenic compounds in foodstuffs. The purpose of this study was to screen and identify bioactive compounds with(More)
Previously, we have found phosphopeptides (PPPs) from hen egg yolk phosvitin possess a potent antioxidative activity against oxidative stress in human intestinal epithelial cells, Caco-2. However, their biological activity at the cellular level has not yet fully understood. The objective of this study is to evaluate the regulation of glutathione (GSH)(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Parenchymal hepatocytes (PHs) of rat contain colony-forming parenchymal hepatocytes (CF-PHs) as a small fraction. We aimed to demonstrate the presence of CF-PHs in humans and characterize them with respect to growth and differentiation potential. METHODS Human PHs were co-cultured with Swiss 3T3 cells in the medium containing human serum,(More)
Food allergies are attributed to an imbalance in immune response to ubiquitous antigens. A previous study demonstrated that mannose glycation (mannosylation) of ovalbumin decreased allergenicity in vivo. The proposed research targets mannosylation of various common allergens that may help prevent food allergy. Balb/c mice (n = 8) were sensitized toxin egg(More)
Carp myofibrillar protein (Mf) was conjugated with alginate oligosaccharide (AO) through the Maillard reaction under low relative humidity, and the functional properties of the Mf-AO conjugate were investigated under different NaCl concentrations and pH levels. Mf became highly solubilized at lower NaCl concentrations by conjugation with AO, with a slight(More)