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An in vitro patient-specific vascular model, for simulating endovascular intervention is presented. Proposed vascular model reproduces the 3-dimensional vessel lumen structure using CT/MRI information with 13 mum resolution, and it also reproduce the physical characteristics of arterial tissue (elastic modulus and friction coefficient). Furthermore, in this(More)
Spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid(CSF)otorrhea is less common than CSF leakage caused by trauma, and rarely occurs in adults. We report an adult case of CSF otorrhea. A 71-year-old woman with no traumatic or otologic history was hospitalized due to bacterial meningitis. After hospitalization, CSF leakage started suddenly from the left external ear canal. A(More)
In vitro patient-tailored anatomical model of human cerebral artery, for presurgical simulation and medical training of intravascular neurosurgery, is presented. Lumens of vasculature are hollowly and precisely reproduced within a transparent elastic silicone structure, based on CT (computed tomography) or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) angiography.(More)
Polycrystalline CuInS(2) films were fabricated by sulfurization of electrodeposited Cu and In metallic precursor films in a Cu-rich composition at 520 °C in H(2)S (5% in Ar). Structural analyses revealed that the adherence of the thus-formed CuInS(2) film to the Mo substrate was strongly dependent on heating profiles of the Cu/In bilayer film: a CuInS(2)(More)
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