Shigeru Fujita

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Mitosis is a highly coordinated process that assures the fidelity of chromosome segregation. Errors in this process result in aneuploidy which can lead to cell death or oncogenesis. In this paper we describe a putative mammalian protein kinase, AIM-1 (Aurora and Ipl1-like midbody-associated protein), related to Drosophila Aurora and Saccharomyces cerevisiae(More)
BACKGROUND Serious problems in the surgical treatment of patients with rectal carcinoma are local failure and urinary and sexual dysfunction. To resolve these problems, pelvic autonomic nerve preservation (PANP) combined with lateral lymph note dissection has been introduced. METHODS Of 238 consecutive patients with middle or low rectal carcinoma who(More)
In the U.S. labor market, the vacancy-unemployment ratio and employment react sluggishly to productivity shocks. We show that the job matching model in its standard form cannot reproduce these patterns due to excessively rapid vacancy responses. Extending the model to incorporate sunk costs for vacancy creation yields highly realistic dynamics. Creation(More)
Eight adults with cochlear implants participated in experiments to test their ability to recognize music. Some subjects showed good ability to recognize songs that were sung with instrumental accompaniment but poor ability to recognize songs played on an electronic keyboard without verbal cues, indicating that they were recognizing the songs by verbal cues(More)
The Wilms tumor (WT1) gene has been reported to be preferentially expressed in acute leukemia cells, regardless of leukemia subtype and chronic myelogenous leukemia cells in blast crisis, but not in normal cells. This finding suggests strongly that WT1 protein is a potential target of immunotherapy for human leukemia. In this study, we established a CD8(+)(More)
1. We investigated the possible involvement of phospholipase A(2) (PLA(2)) and its products in long-term potentiation (LTP) in the CA1 neurotransmission of rat hippocampal slices. 2. Inhibitors of Ca(2+)-independent PLA(2) (iPLA(2)) prevented the induction of LTP without affecting the maintenance phase of LTP whereas Ca(2+)-dependent PLA(2) inhibitors were(More)
The effect of doses of the secretor (Se) and Lewis (Le) genes on the serum levels of CA19-9 and DU-PAN-2 was investigated in 400 normal individuals. It was clearly demonstrated that the Se gene dosage negatively affected both the CA19-9 and DU-PAN-2 values, whereas the Le gene dosage positively affected the CA19-9 value and negatively affected the DU-PAN-2(More)