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An impressive and efficient improvement in the classical scale-space analysis was proposed by Perona and Malik (1990) where they describe the diffusion process known as the Perona-Malik (PM) equation. Despite the illposed nature of the PM equation, many of its applications could be carried with success in the signal processing field. On the other hand(More)
We propose an algorithm of blood vessel segmentation for MRA data in this paper. The generic region growing, as well as thresholding, is not appropriate to extract the whole part of the vessels on MRA data. This is because of the image property of the MRA, where the intensity of each pixel on the blood area depends on the amount of blood flow. Moreover,(More)
We investigated which recumbent position is preferred by patients with chronic heart failure (CHF) and whether sympathetic nervous modulation differs in three recumbent positions. We assessed 12 patients with CHF by spectral analysis of heart-rate variability and measurement of plasma norepinephrine concentrations. The right lateral decubitus position was(More)
Recent development in interventional radiology enables minimally invasive treatment of aortic aneurysm: endovascular stent grafting. We report image processing method in preoperative planning and intraoperative guidance for assisting endovascular stent grafting. In preoperative planning, it is necessary to design stent graft suitable for each clinical case.(More)
SUMMARY To evaluate disorders of regional wall motion in patients with coronary artery disease, we developed a method to detect the boundary of the cineventriculograms with the aid of minicomputers. Each image of the left ventriculogram, taken at 60 frames/sec, was transferred to computer through a flying spot scanner and stored in the disc. The endocardial(More)