Shigeru Eiho

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An impressive and efficient improvement in the classical scale-space analysis was proposed by Perona and Malik (1990) where they describe the diffusion process known as the Perona-Malik (PM) equation. Despite the illposed nature of the PM equation, many of its applications could be carried with success in the signal processing field. On the other hand(More)
We investigated which recumbent position is preferred by patients with chronic heart failure (CHF) and whether sympathetic nervous modulation differs in three recumbent positions. We assessed 12 patients with CHF by spectral analysis of heart-rate variability and measurement of plasma norepinephrine concentrations. The right lateral decubitus position was(More)
OBJECTIVES We aimed to clarify which recumbent position is preferred by patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) and to evaluate whether cardiac autonomic nervous activity is different among three recumbent positions (supine, left lateral decubitus, right lateral decubitus) in patients with CHF. BACKGROUND It remains unclear whether cardiac autonomic(More)
We have been developing a lot of medical image applications in collaboration with medical researchers during the COE program period. In this article, we will introduce three of our applications briefly. Title of each topics are, "Image based retrospective cardiac gating and spatio temporal image mosaicing of CAG", "Myocardialperfusion measurements from(More)
Left ventricular image processing methods of x-ray cineangiocardiograms and ultrasound echocardiograms are discussed. 3-D reconstruction methods of the left ventricle from ultrasound echocardiograms and magnetic resonance images are also discussed. Boundary detection of the left ventricle and the quantitative analysis of the left ventricular function and(More)
Biplane cineventriculography was performed at rest and after sublingual nitroglycerin in 13 patients with coronary artery disease. In six patients (responders), there was a significant increase in ejection fraction [40 +/- 5 to 52 +/- 4% (p less than 0.001)], while in the other seven (nonresponders), there was no alteration in ejection fraction. To evaluate(More)
Cineventriculography is of considerable value in the dimensional analysis of the left ventricular cavity, but conventional methods necessitate injection of large amounts of contrast medium. In this study, small dose left ventriculography, using only 5 ml of dye, was performed in order to minimize the untoward effects of contrast medium. A computer-aided(More)
The gated MRI method gives us several sets of cross-sectional images on transverse, coronal, and sagittal planes of the heart in a cardiac cycle. In this paper, a method to reconstruct 3-D shapes of each part of the heart (i.e., left ventricle, left atrium, right ventricle, right atrium, aorta, and pulmonary artery), in a voxel space using these sets of(More)