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We have previously demonstrated that butyric acid induces cytotoxicity and apoptosis of murine thymocytes, splenic T cells, and human Jurkat T cells. Therefore, to determine the apoptotic signaling pathway induced by butyric acid, we investigated the contribution of reactive oxygen species (ROS), mitochondria, ceramide, and mitogen-activated protein kinases(More)
Sasa senanensis Rehder extract (SE) showed slightly higher cytotoxicity against human squamous cell carcinoma cell lines and human glioblastoma cell lines, as compared with human oral normal cells (gingival fibroblast, pulp cell, periodontal ligament fibroblast), and was more cytotoxic to human myelogenous and T-cell leukemia cell lines. SE showed a(More)
Previous studies have shown anti-inflammatory potential of alkaline extract of the leaves of Sasa senanensis Rehder (SE). The aim of the present study was to clarity the molecular entity of SE, using various fractionation methods. SE inhibited the production of nitric oxide (NO), but not tumour necrosis factor-α by lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated mouse(More)
Although 14-day-old mouse embryonic calvarial cells cultured in plastic culture dishes in the presence of 1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3[1alpha,25-(OH)2D3] for 7 days could barely resorb bone slices, the same calvarial cells cultured with an ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) extract from bovine bone powder under the same conditions stimulated pit(More)
Ihara epileptic rat (IER) is an animal model of temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) with genetically programmed microdysgenesis in the hippocampal formation. The neuronal microdysgenesis is thought to be a cause for recurrent spontaneous seizures. To identify differentially expressed genes in the hippocampus of IER in comparison to control Wistar rat, we performed(More)
Osteoclasts are bone-resorbing multinucleated cells differentiated from monocyte/macrophage lineage precursors. A novel osteoclast precursor cell line, 4B12 was established from Mac-1(+)c-Fms(+)RANK(+) cells from calvaria of 14-day-old mouse embryos using immunofluorescence and cell-sorting methods. Like M-CSF-dependent bone marrow macrophages (M-BMMs),(More)
Compared to studies of water extracts of plants, those utilising alkaline extracts are limited. Both water and alkaline extracts from licorice root were compared regarding their biological activities. Licorice root was successively extracted first with water or alkaline solution (pH 9 or 12), and the alkaline (pH 12.0) extract was further separated into 50%(More)
BACKGROUND Most previous mastic investigators have not considered its potent cytotoxicity that may significantly affect the interpretation of obtained data. In the present study, we re-evaluated several biological activities of mastic extracts, based on chemotherapeutic indexes. MATERIALS AND METHODS Pulverized mastic gum was extracted with n-hexane and(More)