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Microradiograms and their computer-aided image analysis of ground sections of the developing enamel of human permanent third molars and monkey permanent teeth (Macaca fuscata) indicate that the mode of progressive mineralization of enamel is completely different between the matrix formation and maturation stages. During the former stage, the enamel matrix(More)
The maturation stage of developing enamel may be divided into three substages: First, a secondary mineralization increase appears from the surface toward the deeper layer; then, a tertiary mineralization increase takes place from the deeper layer toward the surface; and finally, the narrow subsurface layer mineralizes heavily and attains the highest degree(More)
Sclerotic changes of dentinal tubules appeared in the dentin beneath the carious, attrition and abrasion lesions and in the transparent root dentin were investigated using the scanning electron microscopy. 1) Shape of crystal-like substances appeared in the dentinal tubules could not be closely related to kinds of dentin destruction. 2) In the dentinal(More)
It is known that iron is deposited in the enameloid of some teleost fishes, although its biological significance has not been clarified. In the present investigation, a quantitative analysis of iron in the enameloid of fishes of a primitive suborder, the Balistoidei, and an advanced suborder, the Tetra-odontoidei, of the Tetra-odontiformes of marine(More)