Shigeo Shinohara

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The structure and function of the epidermis is maintained by cell renewal based on epidermal turnover. Epidermal turnover is delayed by aging, and it is thought that the delay of the epidermal turnover is a cause of aging alternation of skin. The epidermal turnover is related to the energy metabolism of epidermal basal cells. Adenosine 5′-triphosphate (ATP)(More)
Desi-type chickpeas, which have long been used as a natural treatment for diabetes, have been reported to lower visceral adiposity, dyslipidemia and insulin resistance induced by a chronic high-fat diet in rats. In this study, in order to examine the effects of chickpeas of this type in an in vitro system, we used the 3T3-L1 mouse cell line, a subclone of(More)
Objective: In a preliminary study, we noted that citric acid has the potency to induce human beta defensins (hBD-2) in salivary secretions. As hBDs are thought to ameliorate periodontal disease by suppressing key periodontal pathogens we developed a citric acid-containing chewing gum (CA-gum) to test this hypothesis. Here we report, the effect of CA-gum on(More)
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