Shigeo Nozaki

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Neurons found in the medial bulbar reticular formation were activated by stimulation of the orbital gyms and responded with antidromic spike potentials to selective stimulation of either the masseter or anterior digastric motoneuron pool in the trigeminal motor nucleus in cats anesthetized with α-chloralose. These two kinds of reticular neurons were assumed(More)
Allopurinol is an inhibitor of xanthine oxidoreductase (XOR) and inhibits the generation of uric acid (UA) as the final product of purine catabolism, as well as the resulting generation of superoxide (O2(-)), in humans. Elevation of the serum UA (SUA) level, referred to as hyperuricemia (HU), eventually leads to gout and allopurinol has been used for the(More)
A case of natural killer (NK)-like T-cell lymphoma in a 9-month-old female Holstein calf is described. The liver, spleen and lymph nodes were affected with lymphoma. The neoplastic cells showed not only epitheliotropism in the biliary epithelium and hepatic cords but also preferential homing to follicular centres of the lymph nodes. In the cytoplasm, there(More)
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