Shigeo Ishiguro

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Hyperperfusion syndrome is a rare but disastrous complication after carotid endarterectomy (CEA). The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between preoperative cerebral blood flow (CBF) abnormalities and postoperative hyperperfusion through the use of statistical brain mapping analysis. METHODS For 41 patients with(More)
We present a case of a xanthogranuloma of the lateral ventricle choroid plexus in association with focal areas of abnormal T2 signal in the tegmentum of the pons as well as within the middle cerebellar peduncles. The characteristic MR appearance of this rare entity is described along with a pathologic basis suggesting an association with posterior fossa(More)
PURPOSE To compare percutaneous transpedicular vertebroplasty using calcium phosphate cement (CPC) versus conservative treatment for osteoporotic vertebral fractures. METHODS Eight men and 28 women aged 61 to 99 (mean, 80) years with osteoporotic vertebral fractures underwent percutaneous transpedicular vertebroplasty using CPC. During the same period, 6(More)
A 68-year-old diabetic man, who had been on dialysis for 3 years, suffered a five week history of severe back pain that was unresponsive to bed rest, analgesics, and bracing. The vertebral cleft formed by an injury gradually increased in size on sequential plain films. Hence, he underwent calcium phosphate cement-assisted percutaneous transpedicular balloon(More)
Symptomatic Tarlov (perineural cysts) are uncommon. In the following hemodialysis case, cauda equina syndrome was not detected after combined spinal-epidural anesthesia untilthe patient reported a lack of sensation in the perianal area 14 days postoperatively. She had normal motor function of her extremities. A laminectomy and cyst irrigation was performed.(More)
We describe four cases of delayed union in female patients with severe osteoporotic vertebral fractures, which were treated in a similar but less costly method to kyphoplasty. Due to domestic regulations, inflatable tamps for kyphoplasty are not available to every clinical orthopedists in Japan. In our clinical experience of four cases of delayed lumbar(More)
A 5-month-old boy presented with a rare case of intramedullary teratoma extending from T1 to S5 and associated with a lumbosacral lipoma. Magnetic resonance imaging showed the tumor extended over the lipoma. Since the tumor could not be clearly demarcated from the spinal cord, surgery was performed under a preoperative diagnosis of spinal glioma. The lack(More)