Shigeo Ishiguro

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We present a case of a xanthogranuloma of the lateral ventricle choroid plexus in association with focal areas of abnormal T2 signal in the tegmentum of the pons as well as within the middle cerebellar peduncles. The characteristic MR appearance of this rare entity is described along with a pathologic basis suggesting an association with posterior fossa(More)
A case of huge diploic epidermoid which occurred in the right temporal bone and occupied almost all of the middle fossa and a part of the posterior fossa. CT of the tumor showed a low density lesion with multiform isodensity spots and a rim enhancement by CECT. Histologically, multiple old blood clots were recognized in this tumor contents. A review of the(More)
A six year-old boy. He complained of a swelling of the left forehead since October of 1971, the region of his upper eyelid has then been gradually swollen. He was admitted to our institute on the 24th of February, 1973, without the past history of head trauma. We found that the swollen region had a diameter of about 4 centimeters covered from the left upper(More)
Intraventricular and intracerebral hemorrhage were observed in two patients (36-year-old male and 45-year-old female) whose ischemic deficits from vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage due to ruptured aneurysm were treated or prevented with hemodynamic therapy. Both patients had a long history of arterial hypertension and showed high values of urinary(More)
The plasma volume, central venous pressure and water balance of 24 patients were measured around the 1st and 2nd week after early operations for ruptured aneurysms. All of the patients had been successfully treated by induced hypertension therapy for delayed vasospasm. Plasma volume was measured by the RI method using RISA. The average plasma volume of 16(More)