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Although enhancing reserve shape has been suggested as an alternative to enlarging nature reserves, the importance of reserve shape relative to reserve area remains unclear. Here we examined the relative importance of area and shape of forest patches to species richness, species composition, and species abundance (abundance of each species) for 3 taxa (33(More)
Although species with large area requirements are sometimes used as umbrella species, their general utility as conservation tools is uncertain. We surveyed the species diversity of birds, butterflies, carabids, and forest-floor plants in forest sites across an area (1,600 km2) in which we delineated large breeding home ranges of Northern Goshawk (Accipiter(More)
  • Takao Sato, Toshiaki Tsurumaru, +5 authors Batmunkh Tsogtbaatar
  • 2016
It has been accepted for inclusion in Erforschung biologischer Ressourcen der Mongolei / Exploration into the Biological Resources of Mongolia by an authorized administrator of DigitalCommons@University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Abstract During excavation of the Bayan-gol I Palaeolithic site in the Bulgan Aimak, Mongolia, some faunistic remains were recovered(More)
To understand how a sparsely distributed species can maintain viable populations, and with a particular interest in distance-dependent reproductive success, we investigated the ovule survival and the factors that determine the survival for sparsely distributed Kalopanax pictus (Araliaceae) in a temperate forest landscape around the Ogawa Forest Reserve,(More)
While it is not clear exactly what this greening actually represents in terms of shifts in plant communities (Fung, 1997), it is believed that an increase in deciduous shrubs is responsible for much of the greening (Jia, Epstein & Walker, 2004). It has been projected that the increase in shrubs will alter the surface energy balance and carbon balance at(More)
Many indicators/indices provide information on whether the 2010 biodiversity target of reducing declines in biodiversity have been achieved. The strengths and limitations of the various measures used to assess the success of such measures are now being discussed. Biodiversity dynamics are often evaluated by a single biological population metric, such as the(More)
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