Shigeo Hosokawa

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We describe the numerical simulation results of bubble motion under gravity by the lattice Boltzmann method(LBM), which assumes that a fluid consists of mesoscopic fluid particles repeating collision and translation and a multiphase interface is reproduced in a self-organizing way by repulsive interaction between different kinds of particles. The purposes(More)
Cavitation in two-dimensional (2D) nozzles and liquid jet in the vicinity of the nozzle exit were visualized using high-speed cameras to investigate the effects of cavitation on liquid jet under various conditions of cavitation and Reynolds numbers r and Re. Liquid velocity in the nozzle was measured using a laser Doppler velocimetry to examine the effects(More)
We found that plasmonic Au particles on titanium(iv) oxide (TiO2) act as a visible-light-driven photocatalyst for overall water splitting free from any additives. This is the first report showing that surface plasmon resonance (SPR) in a suspension system effectively induces overall water splitting. Modification with various types of metal nanoparticles as(More)
Abstract Spatial filter velocimetry (SFV) based on spatial filtering of time-series particle images proposed by Hosokawa and Tomiyama is applied to a bubble column to examine its applicability to multi-scale bubble velocity measurement. PTV measurement of the bubble velocity is also carried out for comparison. The edge detection process is added in the SFV(More)
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