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In this paper we propose a new model for a class of rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) interfaces [16] in the context of consumer video devices. The basic spatial layout "explodes" a sequence of image frames into a 3D trail in order to provide more context for a spatial/temporal presentation. As the user plays forward or back, the trail advances or(More)
In order to study the characteristics of neoteny in teleosts, development of the thyroid system and digestive tract of a neotenic goby (ice goby, Leucopsarion petersii) and a non-neotenic goby (ukigori, Gymnogobius urotaenia) were compared. In juvenile ukigori, the intestine was found to be convoluted once in the antero-midpart, and gastric glands were(More)
To investigate mechanisms of the testicular toxicity of nefiracetam and to find sensitive parameters to predict the toxicity, male beagle dogs were orally administered 180 or 300 mg/kg per day of the drug once and for 1 and 4 weeks. Time-course changes in serum and/or testicular hormone levels and semen parameters, and testicular morphology were examined.(More)
The present study was conducted to clarify the mechanisms of testicular toxicity induced by ethinylestradiol using a rat model maintaining testicular testosterone levels. Twelve-week-old male SD rats were implanted subcutaneously with testosterone (800 mg)-filled tubes on the back 2 days before ethinylestradiol treatment, and subsequently administered(More)
Testicular toxicity of nefiracetam (N-(2,6-dimethylphenyl)-2-(2-oxo-1-pyrrolidinyl) acetamide), a neurotransmission enhancer, was investigated in male Slc:SD rats. Nefiracetam was orally administered daily at 1500 mg/kg for 4 weeks, and the animals were killed sequentially during the course of administration to determine testicular histopathological changes(More)
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