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In 1957, Kolmogorov and Arnold gave a solution to the 13th problem which had been formulated by Hilbert in 1900. Actually, it is known that there exist many open problems which can be derived from the original problem. From the function-theoretic point of view, Hilbert’s 13th problem can be exactly characterized as the superposition representability problem(More)
Ohya and Volovich have been proposed a new quantum computation model with chaos amplification to solve the SAT problem, which went beyond usual quantum algorithm. In this paper we study the complexity of the SAT algorithm by counting the steps of computation algorithm rigorously, which was mentioned in the paper [1, 2, 3, 5, 7]. For this purpose, we refine(More)
A general iterative scheme for inverse-strongly monotone 12:00 mappings and strictly pseudo-contractive mappings A new approach to characterize solution set of a 17:00 nonconvex optimization problem Abstract. Almost all of the technical methods, which are used in the theory of non-linear dynamical systems, originated in the theory of one dimensional(More)
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