Shigenobu Takayama

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We propose a method for accurate combining of evidence supplied by multiple individual match-ers regarding whether two data schema elements match (refer to the same object or concept), or not, in the field of automatic schema matching. The method uses a Bayesian network to model correctly the statistical correlations between the similarity values produced(More)
In facility management for plants and buildings, needs of facility diagnosis for saving energy or facility management cost by analyzing time series data from sensors of equipments in facilities have been increasing. This paper proposes a relation-based stream query language TPQL (Trend Pattern Query Language) for expressing constraints in time series data(More)
We address the problem of automating the process of deciding whether two data schema elements match (that is, refer to the same actual object or concept), and propose several methods for combining evidence computed by multiple basic matchers. One class of methods uses Bayesian networks to account for the conditional dependency between the similarity values(More)
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