Shigenobu Seto

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Totally Speaker Driven Text to Speech System produces high quality and natural speech resembling the acoustic and prosodic characteristics of the original speech corpus. In the F0 contour control of this system , an F0 contour of a whole sentence is produced by concatenating segmental F0 contours generated by modifying vectors that are representatives of(More)
The linguistic features analysis for input text plays an important role in achieving natural prosodic control in text-to-speech (TTS) systems. In a conventional scheme, experts refine suspicious if-then rules and change the tree structure manually to obtain correct analysis results when input texts that have been analyzed incorrectly. However, altering the(More)
Toshiba English Text-to-Speech Synthesizer utilizes several new techniques to produce synthesized speech that is more natural-sounding and intelligible than that created by conventional synthesizers. The closed-loop training method creates synthesis units that most closely resemble the training data and are the least susceptible to prosodic distortion noise(More)
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