Shigenobu Miyamoto

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A general solution for levitation control applicable to permanent magnet (PM) synchronous and induction type rotating motors is presented. Levitation force is generated by the superposition of P+2 or P2 pole magnetic flux with the usual motoring magnetic flux (pole number P). PM synchronous motors have the advantage that the control of rotation and(More)
A programmed software was developed in order to numerically simulate time variation of temperature field and snow depth around a pipe-in-pile snow-melting system, using meteorological data. The system utilized underground piles as heat exchanger between underground soil and water flowing inside the piles. The water was pumped into heat dissipation pipes(More)
Equipment for the direct observation of biological samples has been developed. The equipment comprises a charge coupled device (CCD) unit and a light-emitting diode (LED), which is placed above the light-sensing face of the CCD. The biological sample is positioned just onto the CCD with no lens system interposed. Because of its small size, the equipment can(More)
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