Shigenobu Kanda

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We present 3 cases of Sjögren's syndrome in which multiple sialolithiasis were observed in the parenchyma of the parotid gland. The sonographic examinations showed microliths that were observed as hyperechoic spots. Some of the microliths were accompanied with comet sign, however most of them showed no particular posterior echoes. None of them showed(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the changes in the power Doppler sonographic findings in patients with oral cancer undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We performed US examinations on 187 cervical lymph nodes (71 metastatic and 116 reactive nodes) excised from 52 patients before and after preoperative therapy. On Power Doppler images, we calculated(More)
PURPOSE The study goal was to clarify the association between computed tomography (CT) findings, histologic features, and outcome of osteosarcoma of the jaw (OSJ). MATERIALS AND METHODS The CT findings and histologic features of 10 patients with OSJ were retrospectively analyzed. The patients were histopathologically diagnosed to have OSJ. The points(More)
PURPOSE The purpose was to illustrate the sonographic changes of tongue cancer after radical radiotherapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS In 24 patients with tongue cancer treated by interstitial brachytherapy (BRT) (uneventful recovery n = 16 , recurrence n = 5, severe soft tissue complication n = 3), follow-up examination were performed and both the margin and(More)
OBJECTIVES Experimental models of lymph node metastasis were developed for Doppler sonography. METHODS Cervical lymph node (LN) metastasis was induced by the implantation of a VX-2 tumor on the oral floor of 10 rabbits. Twenty metastatic LNs were observed weekly by power Doppler sonography, and the presence of an avascular area and the peripheral vessels(More)
OBJECTIVE To clarify the useful findings for determining whether the submandibular mass is intraglandular or extraglandular. STUDY DESIGN Forty-eight patients with swelling of the submandibular region were reviewed. The relationship between the lesion and the submandibular gland and the displacement of the anterior facial vein were analyzed. RESULTS The(More)